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  • Do you know how to install a diving goggles?


    Whether snorkeling or scuba is absolutely indispensable, a mask can only be used to let us see the beautiful marine wonders. So, do you know how to install a diving goggles? Diving breathing regulators are divided into primary regulator and secondary regulator. In addition, the structure of each bra Read More

  • What details should I pay attention to when buying myopia goggles?


    When swimming under water, myopia patients should not wear contact lenses, because they are prone to bacteria, and the eyes are prone to inflammation, which is very unhygienic. Therefore, the appearance of myopia swimming goggles is welcomed by the majority of myopia swimmers. The appearance of myop Read More

  • Essential diving equipment and scuba diving equipment


    Diving requires diving equipment. In simple terms, diving equipment can be divided into light equipment and heavy equipment. Light equipment refers to diving goggles, snorkels and flippers-diving three treasures, you can have these three pieces of equipment when snorkeling. Scuba diving also require Read More

  • Recommendations for the use of swimming equipment


    Bring swimming goggles. Otherwise, all swimming styles look like dog planers.2. Equipped with a pair of blue goggles that you can see clearly. Black is too dark to see clearly, white will reveal the direction of your eyes, and blue is just right, which combines concealment and clarity. Myopic stude Read More

  • How to choose swimming goggles?


    In the hot summer, being able to cool down in the swimming pool and the seaside for a "summer" is something that many people love. Swimsuits are indispensable for swimming, but a pair of swimming goggles is also indispensable. Swimming goggles can see things underwater while preventing swimming pool Read More

  • Ski goggles supplies


    Ski glasses are divided into mountain mirrors, platform mirrors, cross-country mirrors, and free mirrors. Because the sun reflected on the snow is very strong, and the cold wind in the taxi is very harmful to the eyes, ski goggles are needed to protect the skier's eyes.materialThe frame material is Read More

  • Ski goggles technology explanation


    The development of snow mirrors has evolved from primitive simple functions to almost perfect. Originally just to prevent snow blindness, later added polarized technology to prevent glare, as well as anti-UV radiation and so on. The structure of the snow mirror itself is becoming more and more perfe Read More

  • The common sense of diving mask in life


    1. Pass the left side of the mask through the rubber ring or quick release on the breathing tube, so that the snorkel head can be fixed upwards and the snorkel can be prevented from slipping off.2, the choice of mask: put the mask on the face (do not let the hair cover inside, which will affect the Read More

  • Dive snorkel common sense and use


    1, breathing tube: the mouthpiece of the breathing tube is contained in the mouth, so that the teeth just bite in the slot of the silica gel; the first time to play snorkelers do not rush to speed up, slowly grasp the breathing rate. Regardless of how fast the snorkeling speed is, the breathing shou Read More

  • Diving equipment


    Ankles (Fins) provide a wide areaAllows strong leg muscles to be more efficient in waterThere are two basic styles of ankles.Adjustable - the heel is exposed, fixed by the adjustment strap, usually wearing wet diving boots with adjustable flippers, to keep warm, and to protect when walking on the re Read More

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