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Dive snorkel common sense and use

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1, breathing tube: the mouthpiece of the breathing tube is contained in the mouth, so that the teeth just bite in the slot of the silica gel; the first time to play snorkelers do not rush to speed up, slowly grasp the breathing rate. Regardless of how fast the snorkeling speed is, the breathing should be kept even so that seawater does not pour from the drain valve into the tube.

2. Dry and wet tubes (wet tubes include semi-dry tubes): Dry tubes ensure that no water is poured into the tubes when diving, while wet tubes fill a whole tube. When the air is snorkeled and then floated to the surface of the water, the wet pipe needs to be blown to the air to blow the water in the pipe from the intake pipe and the drain valve, and then inhale and breathe. Drainage during snorkeling: Even in the case of dry snorkels, there will be less water entering the water pipe during the dive process of the dive; although the amount will be small, it will make people feel uncomfortable. It needs to be drained. Usually, when the water rises close to the water surface or the pipe head is exposed to the water surface, the air is blown out through the mouth, and the water in the pipe is blown out through the drain valve (the dry pipe can easily avoid the water in the whole pipe because of the dive process. Blow a small amount of seawater from the tube)

4. In the case of using wet tubes, from my own experience, even those who have good snorkeling experience and swimming skills are inevitably drowning when they are inhaling on the floating surface because they are not blowing in the sea; According to the feedback from the users, it is almost certain that the snorkeling newcomers use non-dry pipes when they are unable to blow the seawater in the process, causing some dangerous scenes due to the drowning situation.

5, snorkeling movement In order to facilitate the snorkeling, the snorkelers do not have the aid of floating rescue equipment, and the dry snorkel can avoid the danger of drowning in the snorkeling process to a greater extent. At present, there is no international standard for snorkeling equipment. Dry snorkel can be used as standard equipment for snorkeling, and it can protect your safety even more for those who cannot guarantee their swimming level.



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