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Diving equipment

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Ankles (Fins) provide a wide area

Allows strong leg muscles to be more efficient in water

There are two basic styles of ankles.

Adjustable - the heel is exposed, fixed by the adjustment strap, usually wearing wet diving boots with adjustable flippers, to keep warm, and to protect when walking on the reefs and decks on the shore


Set foot style - completely wrap the heel, wear like rubber shoes, usually you will barefoot or wear diving socks to match the flippers, so they are more suitable for warm waters, deep water, boat dive, if shore diving The sand will go in and out of the bifurcated fins - some divers like the kicking effect of the flippers in the middle of the ankle

Drainage holes - some flippers will allow water to pass through some important areas to compete for performance

Quick Unloading - Many adjustable flippers have quick shackles that allow you to easily wear flippers

Elastic band - once the correct size is selected for the adjustable flippers, each elastic band will automatically adjust to the appropriate tightness

You should avoid walking when you put on your ankles, because it is easy to wrestle. If you must walk into the water, it is recommended to go backwards. After entering the water, put on your ankles. When kicking your ankles, you should avoid stepping on the bicycle. (The thighs are folded and kicked, causing the ankles to move back and forth. Swing, no efficiency kicking), should relax the knee joint and ankle joint, swing the ankle up and down, so that it is effective kicking, driving force)


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