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How to choose swimming goggles?

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In the hot summer, being able to cool down in the swimming pool and the seaside for a "summer" is something that many people love. Swimsuits are indispensable for swimming, but a pair of swimming goggles is also indispensable. Swimming goggles can see things underwater while preventing swimming pool water from getting into your eyes, which brings a lot of fun to swimming. So how to choose swimming goggles? What to do if the goggles are fogged? Here is a brief introduction for you:


Swimming goggles classification: according to lens power

Swimming goggles are classified into plain light, myopia and presbyopia. Generally, when choosing myopia goggles, there are the same degree of two eyes and different degrees of two eyes. The price of the two eyes is different due to the increase in the processing process. When choosing, if there is no right degree, it is best to choose the lower one. The presbyopic swimming goggles are processed by the degree and astigmatism after the lens is installed in a silicone seal frame, suitable for presbyopia.

According to the occasion of use: the second is the competition and the ordinary mirror, the main difference is the size of the frame. Ordinary mirrors are generally easier to use. The frame of the competition mirror is smaller. If you wear it for a long time and a long distance, it will affect the glasses. Therefore, if you travel long, it is best to choose ordinary mirrors.


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