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The common sense of diving mask in life

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1. Pass the left side of the mask through the rubber ring or quick release on the breathing tube, so that the snorkel head can be fixed upwards and the snorkel can be prevented from slipping off.

2, the choice of mask: put the mask on the face (do not let the hair cover inside, which will affect the leak-proof performance), then the nose gently inhale, the mask can always be sucked on the face is appropriate (this In the process, the nose can't exhale. Most people don't need to choose a mask for their face. The width of the face is obviously wider and thinner than the average person (such as the knife face). These people need a narrow face (or call). Adolescent models: People with a particularly wide face also need to choose a face mask with a wide mask, because a relatively wide mask will block the left and right eye corners, which will affect the line of sight.

3, the mask of the mask: the face mask of the silicone mask attached to the face, the nose should be covered in the mirror: you can tighten the tape to enhance the closeness of the mask. After wearing the mask, you can only breathe with your mouth, and you can't exhale with your nose, otherwise it will cause fogging and let water enter the mirror.

4, the water problem of the mirror: When you snorkel for a period of time, there will be a little water accumulated in the nose of the mirror. This is normal, no matter how good the diving mirror can not guarantee the dive when the water pressure The surface part is completely water-free

5, the fog of the mirror: the human eye and the nasal cavity are watery, part of the water will become the temperature difference between the air and the sea water in the water vapor mirror when the snorkeling, the water vapor will be on the glass in the mirror Forming a mist. This can affect vision, and snorkeling in complex seas can be dangerous. Usually, you can use the saliva to coat the glass in the mirror before snorkeling. However, from our snorkeling experience, this is only 10 minutes. The result is that the snorkeling process is applied from time to time: with good special defense The aging time of the aerosol can reach several days. Note: Even if the fog is serious, don't panic. You can see the general direction again. You can swim back to the shallow water on the shore or go to the side of the boat to clear the fog. Of course, skilled snorkeling technicians can use their feet in the water to make their heads completely out of the water and then take off the mirror to remove the mist and smear.

6, the mask oil film removal: the new mirror usually has a layer of oil film to protect, the presence of this oil film will increase the possibility of fog generation, and affect the effectiveness of anti-fogging agent. At this time, you can use a toothpaste, then gently wipe the oil film with a soft cloth.



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