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  • Swimming gogglesare anti-fogging


    A pleasant thing when swimming, swimming equipment for swimmers is like a weapon for warriors to fight. Especially for friends who often swim in the water, swimming goggles are indispensable equipment. In the process of use, it is also very important for the anti-fogging of the swimming goggles. The Read More

  • On the problem of the degree of diving goggles


    Why do people need to wear underwater swimming goggles to see objects clearly? This is because our eyes need some space to focus and see things. Snorkeling masks and water masks are basically the same, except for those low-quality copycat water masks. .Due to the refraction of light, things under wa Read More

  • Swimming must learn to wear swimming equipment


    The hot summer is here, and the best way to relieve the heat is swimming. Whether you can swim or not, you will need some swimming equipment. When using and maintaining swimming equipment, there will be many misunderstandings that you don’t expect.For people who like swimming, how should they choose Read More

  • The irreplaceable effect of snow making machine on ski resort


    The snowmaking machine is the hematopoietic equipment of the ski resort. The ski resort has experienced the hardships of last year, and this year there will be a cold winter phenomenon. This is good news for the ski industry. It also indicates that this year's snow season will arrive earlier and lat Read More

  • What material is good for swimming goggles and the distinction of diving lens


    For some novice swimmers, swimming goggles are necessary, which can protect the glasses, so what material is good for swimming goggles, and what is the difference between them and diving goggles?What material is good for swimming goggles:At present, swimming goggles are divided into three materials: Read More

  • Standard for reference of rubber sheet materials


    The origin of rubber and the composition of the rubber sheet. The rubber ball is extremely elastic, and rubber is also used as a wooden handle to fasten to the strap of a stone or metal utensil, and as a filler for the handle.The Maya could use rubber to make shoes. Although Central America does not Read More

  • Selection of plastic materials


    In today's society, there are tens of thousands of types of resins that have been reported, and no fewer than a thousand types have been industrialized. The selection of plastic materials is to choose a suitable one among the many resin varieties. It seems that there are many types of plastics for u Read More

  • Antifogging of swimming goggles


    Fogging of swimming goggles is a normal phenomenon, just like the windshield of a car, no matter how expensive it is, it is impossible to avoid fogging completely.If you are a person who often swims, then you should pay more attention to the waterproof effect rather than the anti-fog effect. When us Read More

  • How to choose swimming goggles?


    Swimming goggles can effectively protect the eyes and prevent water from entering the eyes during swimming. Many people don’t know how to buy a good swimming goggles. Today, the manufacturer of reanson swimming goggles will tell you how to choose a good one. swimming glasses.In terms of performance, Read More

  • Tips for Purchasing Snowboard Goggles


    a good snowboard goggle is considered to have enough face foam around the lens for comfortable wearing. They come with flexible and wide straps for easy adjustment. Read More

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