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Ski goggles supplies

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Ski glasses are divided into mountain mirrors, platform mirrors, cross-country mirrors, and free mirrors. Because the sun reflected on the snow is very strong, and the cold wind in the taxi is very harmful to the eyes, ski goggles are needed to protect the skier's eyes.


The frame material is light and tough, and can be folded in half without a heavy feeling. Resistant to falling and not easily damaged.

The extra-wide elastic band has a thick anti-slip strip design that prevents the goggles from slipping off the helmet; the mirror straps can be adjusted for a variety of face shapes to ensure a comfortable fit.


First, prevent cold wind from irritating the eyes; second, prevent ultraviolet rays from burning on the eyes; third, the mirror can't fog; fourth, the ski goggles should not cause damage to the face after falling.

According to the above requirements, you should try to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. This ski goggles looks like a goggle, but does not buckle the nose. The outer frame of the TPU material has good toughness and can be placed close to the face to prevent air ingress. The mirror is made of a colored material coated with an anti-fog and UV-resistant coating. This material is very soft and twists and deforms without breaking to ensure that the mirror will not be damaged when it is impacted. In addition, a venting hole made of a gas permeable sponge is applied to the upper and lower edges of the outer frame to dissipate the hot air discharged from the facial skin to the outside of the mirror to ensure a good visual effect of the mirror surface.

With the development of science and technology, the ski lens has also developed from a single layer to a double layer, from no frost to frost, and can be applied to various weather conditions. In general, different weather conditions, we use different light transmittance lens skiing to ensure ski safety. For cloudy and cloudy weather, it is recommended to choose orange, yellow and brown lenses with high light transmittance. It is recommended to choose green and gray lenses with low light transmittance.

For skiers with myopia, it is recommended to choose a ski goggle designed specifically for myopic people. This ski goggle has a large internal space and a slightly thick frame. There are grooves on both sides of the snow frame for the card glasses. This method of wearing is very convenient for myopic people. If the glasses are relatively large, the glasses like the frame frame are often uncomfortable after wearing, especially in sports, the glasses are shaking, causing the coix seed and the glasses. The center points cannot be together and the focus is not accurate.



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