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Recommendations for the use of swimming equipment

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  1. Bring swimming goggles. Otherwise, all swimming styles look like dog planers.


2. Equipped with a pair of blue goggles that you can see clearly. Black is too dark to see clearly, white will reveal the direction of your eyes, and blue is just right, which combines concealment and clarity. Myopic students remember to have degrees.

3. Wear black swimming trunks / swimsuits, at least the parts that border the body are black. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why the black thread will be exposed.

4. You must bring a swimming cap. And it's better to have bright colors other than green, which is the only identity information in the pool. Of course, the welfare society issued this equipment uniformly.

5. Men's trousers or shorts, Siamese or pure pants, sharkskin or thread spinning do not matter. Because at this stage, the speed improvement of the equipment is less than one ten thousandth. but! For non-conjoined ones, please make sure that the static friction caused by the tightening of the waist rope is greater than the water resistance generated by the Zha Mengzi.

6. Women's swimwear, it is recommended not to wear a swimsuit with too many cloth pieces and too many connecting ropes, otherwise it will be easily disturbed by water resistance.

7. The use of floating equipment is prohibited. This is the biggest obstacle for you to learn to swim.

8. If there is no special dependence, do not use nose clips. Swimming does not need to hold your breath for a long time. If you hold your breath for a long time, it means that you have not learned to breathe.

9. Earplugs are equipment that varies from person to person. Someone likes the feeling of being fully surrounded by water. However, friends who are prone to ear canal diseases are recommended.

10. Shouban and flippers look dazzling, the actual effect is average. These two are used to feel the speed and water, but if you are used to a motorcycle, you will lose interest in cycling.

According to whether it is coated or not: The third type is the difference between UV protection and non-UV protection. The difference is whether it is a degree of film, but in general, it is best to use a film without a degree at night because the visual effect will be worse.

The role of swimming goggles


When swimming, it is inevitable that the sun will illuminate. Wearing swimming goggles can resist the ultraviolet rays of the sun and protect the glasses from ultraviolet radiation.

See around

The refractive index of water is not the same as that of air. If you don't swim with swimming goggles, you will see things very blurry, so wearing swimming goggles will make your vision clear.

protect eyes

There are many bacteria in the water. Wearing swimming goggles can prevent bacterial infection of the eyes, avoid contact between the eyes and water, and protect the eyes from irritation.

Guarantee vision

For myopia, wearing myopia goggles when swimming helps to swim, and can also avoid eye damage.

Myopia swimming goggles

When swimming in the water, myopia patients should not wear contact lenses, which are prone to bacteria and eye inflammation, and myopia swimming goggles solve these problems. Myopia swimming goggles are specially designed for swimmers with myopia. There is no difference between the appearance and ordinary swimming goggles, but the lenses of the swimming goggles are equipped with degrees.

There are three kinds of myopia swimming goggles, one is myopia swimming goggles that are completely customized according to the myopia degree of the swimmer, one is the separate myopia swimming goggles, and the other is the completely integrated myopia swimming goggles. Different myopia goggles are different specialty. Patients with myopia should consider purchasing based on their actual myopia degree minus 50-100 degrees. For consumers with different myopia degrees in both eyes, the choice of left and right eye degrees should also be different.

The difference between swimming goggles and diving goggles

1. Device difference

The goggles have a device to seal the nostril ventilation, and the sealing layout is huge, which is important to ensure that the airtight and watertight.

3. Scope of use

Goggles can be used both underwater and on water, while swimming goggles can only be used on water.

4. Covering parts

The goggles should be air-tight and cover the eyes and nose, while the goggles only cover the eyes, and the watertight grade is lower.

5. How to use

Goggles are generally used in conjunction with snorkels, scuba respirator, etc. When using, generally use the mouth to breathe gas. Only use the nostril to breathe under special circumstances such as the need to clear the water of the goggles to balance the pressure in the goggles surface. The swimming goggles do not have this requirement.

What material is good for swimming goggles

At present, swimming goggles are divided into three materials: rubber, fine glue and rubber. Among them, rubber is the most traditional. In comparison, the material is hard and easy to age, but the price is cheaper. Fine glue is relatively soft. Adhesive products are highly praised by manufacturers, because this material has strong softness, good airtightness, density can float on the water surface, at the same time, it can decompose on its own, without pollution to the environment. This new type of environmentally friendly material does not damage the skin and is suitable for allergic people.


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