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Do you know how to install a diving goggles?

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Whether snorkeling or scuba is absolutely indispensable, a mask can only be used to let us see the beautiful marine wonders. So, do you know how to install a diving goggles? Diving breathing regulators are divided into primary regulator and secondary regulator. In addition, the structure of each brand may be different. If you need installation diagram, please ask the brand, or go to the brand's designated after-sales service point for repair.


1. After each use, it should be rinsed and soaked with fresh water for about half an hour to fully clean the salt and corrosive substances of seawater.

2. Air-dry after rinsing. It should not be exposed to the sun and stored in a cool, dry place.

3. If it is a transparent silicone mask, it should not be placed with a black silicone mask.

A general face mask consists of reinforced safety glass lenses, a rubber or silicone skirt that fits the face, and an adjustable headband that can fix the position. Reinforced safety glass lenses can prevent damage to highly dangerous elongated glass fragments caused by broken mirrors. The silicone on the skirt is stronger than rubber. This is because silicone is 3-4 times more durable than rubber and does not easily cause skin irritation. Some mirrors are equipped with a drain valve, and the one-way valve is used to remove the water accumulated in the mirror. The two most important points when choosing a mask are safety and comfort. An inappropriate mask may leak water and may cause allergies, greatly reducing the fun of diving.


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