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  • What are the precautions for daily use of swimming goggles?


    As people's awareness of self-protection increases, more and more people have developed the habit of wearing swimming goggles while swimming. There are a lot of swimming goggles brands on the market. Let us see how to choose swimming goggles.1. The anti-fog function is hydrophilic, please soak it in Read More

  • After swimming, goggles must be washed with water


    We can't stop the goggles from oxidizing, aging, and scratching, but we can slow it down. We must use clean water to rinse the goggles from the inside to the outside after swimming, to prevent the bleach added by the swimming pool from corroding the goggles. After drying, put it in the lens case to Read More

  • Pay attention to these four points in daily use of diving goggles


    Adult diving goggles refer to the diving goggles brought by adults for swimming. In order to extend the service life of our diving goggles, we need to pay attention to the following four points in daily use.1. After each use, you need to wash the goggles with clean water and put them in the goggles Read More

  • Three kinds of materials commonly used in diving glasses on the market


    At present, diving goggles are divided into three materials: rubber, fine rubber, and rubber. Among them, rubber is the most traditional. In comparison, the material is hard and easy to age, but the price is cheaper.1. Pay attention to water resistanceEach person's face is different, you need to try Read More

  • Do you know how to install a diving goggles?


    Whether snorkeling or scuba is absolutely indispensable, a mask can only be used to let us see the beautiful marine wonders. So, do you know how to install a diving goggles? Diving breathing regulators are divided into primary regulator and secondary regulator. In addition, the structure of each bra Read More

  • What details should I pay attention to when buying myopia goggles?


    When swimming under water, myopia patients should not wear contact lenses, because they are prone to bacteria, and the eyes are prone to inflammation, which is very unhygienic. Therefore, the appearance of myopia swimming goggles is welcomed by the majority of myopia swimmers. The appearance of myop Read More


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