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After swimming, goggles must be washed with water

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We can't stop the goggles from oxidizing, aging, and scratching, but we can slow it down. We must use clean water to rinse the goggles from the inside to the outside after swimming, to prevent the bleach added by the swimming pool from corroding the goggles. After drying, put it in the lens case to prevent the lens from scratching the image clarity and anti-fog effect.


1. Rinse with clean water and dry after use. Be careful not to wipe the lens with a towel to avoid scratching the mirror surface.  

2. New diving goggles are generally already anti-fog, so do not apply too much anti-fog agent.

3. Please do not use various organic solvents when decontamination, in order to avoid deformation or discoloration of swimming goggles.

4. When storing the goggles, please do not place them in direct sunlight or extreme high temperature (such as exposure to the sun) to avoid deformation and performance degradation of the goggles.

5. Do not use any substance to directly wipe the inside of the lens to prevent damage to the fog film.

6. Diving goggles generally have no shelf life. If they are not used for a long time, they should be placed in the packaging box that comes with the purchase. If you think it is necessary, you can clean them regularly.


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