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What are the precautions for daily use of swimming goggles?

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As people's awareness of self-protection increases, more and more people have developed the habit of wearing swimming goggles while swimming. There are a lot of swimming goggles brands on the market. Let us see how to choose swimming goggles.


1. The anti-fog function is hydrophilic, please soak it in clean water before use, and then wear it, the anti-fog effect is better.

2. During wearing, cleaning or using, avoid touching or smearing the anti-fog surface inside the lens with nails or fingers, to prevent the lens from scratching and destroying the anti-fog effect.

3. After each swimming, please rinse with clean water to prevent the grease from drying out and blocking the anti-fog effect.

4. After each swimming, personal sweat and grease in the pool water will adhere to the mirror and affect the anti-fog function of the mirror.

5. The anti-fog in the swimming goggles will be reduced after long-term use and cleaning. If the above methods still fail to effectively prevent the fog, then the anti-fog agent can be used to enhance the anti-fog effect; also It can be applied to the goggles mirror surface with saliva (no need to rinse with water).


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