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  • fashion ski snow goggles introduction


    The anti-fogging function of ski goggles is mainly on the inner lens. The material of the inner lens is cellulose acetate sheet (CP sheet), which is a kind of resin. This kind of sheet has strong water absorption. The water temperature is 75 degrees Celsius, and there is no fog on the vent hole of t Read More

  • professional colorful ski snow goggles introduction


    With the development of science and technology, ski lenses have also developed from a single layer to a double layer. They can be used in various weather conditions from no frost to frost. Generally, in different weather conditions, we choose different light transmittance lenses for skiing to ensure Read More

  • quality mirrored ski goggle


    Ski goggles are used to block light and wind. It is recommended to wear resin glasses with a frame as much as possible, and the lens color is yellow or brown. Skiers with poor eyesight should not wear contact lenses for skiing. If the contact lenses are dropped after a fall, there is almost no possi Read More

  • The Preheat of Winter Olympic Jilin International Mountain/Snowboard Challenge


    The Preheat of Winter Olympic Jilin International Mountain/Snowboard Challenge Read More

  • The ranking of ski glasses brand


    Ski goggles are one of the essential protective gear for skiers. A good ski goggles can make skiers have a better experience when skiing, so it is very important to choose a good ski goggles. If you are looking for a good brand of ski goggles? Then the list of ski goggles brands in this issue can be Read More

  • How to choose ski glasses?


    There are many types of ski goggles at present, and they all have unique shapes and bright colors, but everyone's head shape is different, so you should choose a ski goggles that suits you according to your preferences and the quality of the ski goggles.A good ski goggles, anti-fog, anti-ultraviolet Read More

  • What should I do if my ski snow goggles get fogged?


    With the development of science and technology nowadays, ski lenses have also developed from the original single-layer to double-layer, from not anti-fog to anti-fog, can be applied to all kinds of weather conditions, plastic products for spectacle frames are safer. The color of the lens is preferab Read More

  • How does myopic person choose ski snow goggles?


    Nowadays, more and more people like skiing, which is an exciting outdoor sport. Many of them are nearsighted, so wearing ordinary ski goggles is very uncomfortable. Today, reportsonsports will introduce to you about the ski goggles for myopic people. Know how.In the past, I bought ski goggles with m Read More


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