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How to choose ski glasses?

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There are many types of ski goggles at present, and they all have unique shapes and bright colors, but everyone's head shape is different, so you should choose a ski goggles that suits you according to your preferences and the quality of the ski goggles.

A good ski goggles, anti-fog, anti-ultraviolet, high definition are the most basic performance, but there are many other factors that will affect these basic performance.


The trouble often encountered in the use of ski goggles is the fogging of the lens. When the surface temperature inside the lens is lower than the fogging point, this phenomenon is a rescue product, and the greater the water vapor in the ski snowboard glasses, the easier it is to fog. A good ski goggles will apply a series of advanced technologies to minimize the possibility of fogging.

A. Anti-fogging lens coating

The surface of the lens has a permanent wash water coating that can absorb water vapor before the fog is generated. At present, this method is one of the most effective ways to prevent fogging.

B. Double lens

The double-layer lens is to form a sealed air layer in the middle of the lens to ensure that the air inside the lens is warm and dry, thereby preventing the lens from fogging.

C. Breathable foam film design

The breathable foam film layer can effectively remove moisture and introduce dry air to prevent fogging.

D. Micro fan

Silently converts the dry and wet air inside the ski goggles to reduce the internal temperature and prevent fogging.

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Best clarity, good skiing experience

When you are speeding down from a snow-capped mountain, you need to clearly and accurately identify the changing geographical environment.

A. Visual distortion

All lens materials refract light. If this is not taken into consideration when manufacturing ski goggles, the distortion will cause the user to dizziness and dizziness, and make the glasses always in an overloaded working state.

B. Visual contrast

Distinguish the difference between objects of different colors, this ability will allow you to correctly identify the direction.

C visual sensitivity

To improve the ability of the lens to distinguish the details of objects, almost all ski lenses use special materials of NVC plastic as the material.

D. Resist harmful solar radiation. When choosing ski goggles, people generally ignore the harmful rays of the sun. Studies have found that long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause various diseases such as cataracts, so a good ski snow goggles are safe Protection.

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