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fashion ski snow goggles introduction

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The anti-fogging function of ski goggles is mainly on the inner lens. The material of the inner lens is cellulose acetate sheet (CP sheet), which is a kind of resin. This kind of sheet has strong water absorption. The water temperature is 75 degrees Celsius, and there is no fog on the vent hole of the 6cm diameter sink for 20 seconds.

The price of the cellulose acetate sheet is very expensive, and the domestic sheet does not meet the optical standard. More than 95% of the anti-fog sheets are imported, and the anti-fog is permanent.

Therefore, to buy ski goggles, you need to buy a cellulose acetate sheet as an endoscope.

The color of the goggle is made by the color masterbatch or toner added during injection molding. The color directly affects the transmittance of the lens, and the coating on the surface of the lens also affects the transmittance, because the main raw material for the coating is silica As with titanium dioxide, everyone knows that the main component of sand is silicon dioxide. Coating on the frontal surface of the lens has two functions, one is to make the color more beautiful, and the other is to prevent ultraviolet rays.

We have to choose lenses with different light transmittance according to the light when skiing:

According to the light transmittance of the lens, we divide the lens into five ranges, S0, S1, S2, S3, S4, and choose lenses with different light transmittance according to different weather conditions. For example, ski goggles with S0 or S1 transmittance should be selected for cloudy days or at night. S2 and S3 snow goggles should be selected when the sun is full.

The light transmittance of the goggles must be marked on the regular snow goggles package, so pay attention to the light transmittance when choosing. If the product can be given a high light transmittance lens with the lens, it is the best choice, so you can ski all-weather. The ski goggles should be easy to replace the lenses in order to adapt to the needs of different light. Magnet adsorption lenses have gradually become fashionable, and it is easier to replace lenses with different light transmittance.


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