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What should I do if my ski snow goggles get fogged?

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With the development of science and technology nowadays, ski snow goggles have also developed from the original single-layer to double-layer, from not anti-fog to anti-fog, can be applied to all kinds of weather conditions, plastic products for spectacle frames are safer. The color of the lens is preferably yellow or brown.

In addition, a quality snow ski goggles should have the following functions:

1. It can prevent cold wind from irritating eyes.

2. It can prevent ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes.

3. The inner lens will not be fogged.

4. After falling down accidentally, the ski goggles will not cause damage to the face.

If the inner lens is fogged, it will affect our skiing experience, and even more serious, it will even threaten our safety when skiing. So how to avoid the inner lens from fogging?

First, rinse the lenses with clean water, and then put a few drops of detergent on the inner surface of the glasses. Be careful not to add water. Then let the detergent cover the entire mirror surface, leave it for one night, and then rinse off with clean water. Foaming is enough, so the treatment can prevent the lens from fogging for 2-6 hours.

Second, you can use petroleum jelly to smear the inner mirror surface and evenly spread the petroleum jelly, which can also effectively prevent the inner lens from fogging.

Third, use a fresh egg to get the egg cleans out and apply it to the inner mirror surface, and then use it after drying, which can effectively prevent fogging.

Fourth, you can also lick the inner mirror with your tongue. It is said that this is the most commonly used by athletes and one of the simplest ways to prevent fogging.

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