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Ski goggles are a kind of sports glasses. The main function is to block light and wind. It is recommended to wear resin glasses with a frame as much as possible. The lens color is preferably yellow or brown. Skiers with poor eyesight should not wear contact lenses for skiing. After the contact lens fell, the possibility of getting it back is almost non-existent.
Ski goggles are divided into alpine goggles, jumping platform goggles, and cross-country goggles. Due to the strong reflection of the sun on the snow, and the cold wind irritating the eyes greatly during sliding, ski goggles are needed to protect the skiers' glasses.

Optical technology of ski goggles lens:
1. UV, all current ski goggles lenses use UV resin lenses to protect the cornea and retina from ultraviolet rays. Of course, ski goggles of different brands have different effects on preventing ultraviolet rays.
2. AR, derived from anti-reflect, anti-backlight reflection, AR lens has a multilayer film to prevent random reflection from entering the eyes, reducing the interference of random reflection, and human eyes will see objects more clearly.

Features of Reanson ski goggles:
1. Prevent cold wind from irritating the eyes and avoid wind and snow entering the eyes.
2. Prevent ultraviolet rays from scorching the eyes, and effectively protect human eyes.
3. The inner lens is not easy to fog, and the lens has been treated with various treatments to effectively prevent the inner lens from fogging.
4. With a soft plastic frame, the ski goggles will not cause damage to the face after a fall.
5. The lens is impact-resistant, in line with international standards, and has passed the falling ball test and impact resistance test.

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