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  • Diving mask opens a new era of easy snorkeling


    The diving full face mask is the first true dry snorkeling mask on the market. It can be said that it has created a new era of easy snorkeling. The advantages of choosing a full face mask are:1. Easily achieve free breathing underwater. Compared with the snorkel in the market, the full face mask is Read More

  • What are the types of commonly used snorkels?


    There are many types of breathing tubes for diving. Commonly used are all-wet, semi-wet, and full-dry. The main difference between the three types is whether there is a buoyancy valve or a wave-proof structure at the top of the breathing tube. In addition, in the use, Dongguan Rentong goggles, breat Read More

  • High quality snorkel selection skills


    The snorkel is a necessary equipment when snorkeling. When you choose, you can try it yourself. The right breathing tube is easy to breathe in addition to comfort. When you try it out, you can place the mouthpiece between your lips and your teeth, and lean your body against your left ear. The mouthp Read More

  • The common sense of diving mask in life


    1. Pass the left side of the mask through the rubber ring or quick release on the breathing tube, so that the snorkel head can be fixed upwards and the snorkel can be prevented from slipping off.2, the choice of mask: put the mask on the face (do not let the hair cover inside, which will affect the Read More

  • Dive snorkel common sense and use


    1, breathing tube: the mouthpiece of the breathing tube is contained in the mouth, so that the teeth just bite in the slot of the silica gel; the first time to play snorkelers do not rush to speed up, slowly grasp the breathing rate. Regardless of how fast the snorkeling speed is, the breathing shou Read More

  • What material is good for the goggles?


    . Select materialAt present, the goggles are divided into three materials: rubber, fine rubber and silicone. Among them, rubber is the most traditional. In comparison, the material is hard and easy to age, but the price is cheaper. Fine glue is relatively soft. The rubber product is highly praised b Read More

  • Diving equipment


    Ankles (Fins) provide a wide areaAllows strong leg muscles to be more efficient in waterThere are two basic styles of ankles.Adjustable - the heel is exposed, fixed by the adjustment strap, usually wearing wet diving boots with adjustable flippers, to keep warm, and to protect when walking on the re Read More

  • How to choose a good goggle?


    The hottest place in summer is a swimming pool. I believe that most people like to swim. In the water, they can also exercise their lung capacity and promote blood circulation. Before you go swimming, you need to prepare related items, such as swimsuits, swimming goggles, how to choose a good goggle Read More

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