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On the problem of the degree of diving goggles

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On the problem of the degree of diving goggles

Why do people need to wear underwater swimming goggles to see objects clearly? This is because our eyes need some space to focus and see things. Snorkeling masks and water masks are basically the same, except for those low-quality copycat water masks. .

Due to the refraction of light, things under water look closer and larger than things on the water surface, so ordinary mirrors in the water will add 100 degrees to you at your own angle.

We wear contact lenses. It’s better to throw them away every day. This is more convenient. Many people consider that contact lenses will fall out during diving. This situation rarely happens unless you don’t wear a mask, and then suddenly The inhaled water will fill the interior, but most of the water enters your nose first. At this time, if you raise your head, the contact lens will not fall off and you can wear it with confidence. Even if you encounter an off-line situation, because it is a one-time use, it will not cause you great harm.

Some people say that after you get used to contact lenses, when you see the beautiful seabed, it’s not cool at all. Friends who learn to dive are different. When you are practicing drainage skills, your instructor will arrange a degree lens for you. If your instructor knows that you are wearing contact lenses, then they will teach you how to use them.

It is best not to apply sunscreen before diving, or even dry it half an hour before diving, so that the sunscreen is completely absorbed by the skin, otherwise, the sunscreen will slip off. In addition, the sunscreen contains heavy metals, which may cause damage after exposure to water. your eyes.


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