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Experience choosing high quality ski snowboard goggles

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With the development of lens technology today, the lenses of high quality ski snowboard goggles have also developed from a single layer to a double layer, which is anti-fog and waterproof. It can be used in all kinds of weather. The mirror surface is divided into an inner lens and an outer lens. The material of the inner lens is a resin material. , Good water absorption performance, it can play a very good anti-fogging effect after being soaked in anti-fog liquid. The surface of the outer lens is hardened, which can effectively prevent the lens from being scratched.

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Experience in choosing high quality ski snowboard goggles:

▲It is best to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. The appearance of this ski goggles is similar to that of diving goggles, which can be closely attached to the face, effectively prevent cold wind from entering, and protect the eyes and skin around the face.

▲It is best to choose a lens with an anti-ultraviolet index above UV400, which can effectively protect the eyes and resist the attack of ultraviolet rays.

▲It is best to choose lenses with anti-fog coating.

▲A fashion ski goggles should have flexible lenses and frames to prevent damage to the face if hit.

▲The upper edge of the outer frame must have vents made of breathable sponge, so that the heat exhausted from the facial skin can be dissipated outside the glasses.

▲When skiers choose ski goggles, it is best to choose ski goggles that can be equipped with myopia lenses, so that they don’t need to wear contact lenses, which is more convenient.

▲Choose a ski goggles with a large frame. If you wear myopia glasses inside, it is easy to hurt your eyes when you fall, and the frame of the myopia glasses is easy to scratch the lenses.

▲According to the weather conditions of the ski resort, different lens colors should be selected according to the brightness. Generally speaking, the yellow, orange and red lenses will have a significant incremental effect. If the weather is bright, wearing ski goggles of these colors will make the glasses fatigue.

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