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Five tips for choosing ski snowboard glasses

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Ski snowboard goggles affect our day's sliding to a large extent. Today, I will bring you suggestions for buying ski goggles to help you better choose a pair of suitable ski goggles.

First, a snow mirror is suitable for the face shape

First, find a snow goggles that suits your face shape. After we tighten the straps and wear the ski goggles, the position of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose will not be too oppressive, otherwise there will be pain after a long time, and there are not big gaps so that cold air and snow will enter the snow mirror.

The second point is the choice of lenses.

There are many colors of ski lenses. Some people think that ski lenses like mirrors will be cool, but this kind of lenses may not be suitable for every snow condition and time. We choose lenses according to whether the transmittance of the lens matches you Frequent ski resorts, climate and your ski time.

In addition, the light transmittance of ski goggles is divided into S0, S1, S2, S3 and other levels, and their corresponding light transmittance is S0=80%-100%VLT, S1=43%-80%VLT, S2=18% -43%VLT, S3=8%-18%VLT, S4=3%-8%VLT.

You can choose S0 and S1 lenses at night or on a cloudy and snowy day. You can choose S2 lenses in cloudy weather. We can choose S3 lenses in sunny weather. Under normal circumstances, a pair of S2 lenses Can deal with all-weather snow conditions.

The third point is a large enough border.

There are two types of snow goggles, cylindrical and spherical. No matter which type of snow goggles you choose, you need to make sure that you have a large enough field of view when wearing them.If you are myopia, youd better choose ski goggles with OTG function, or choose a butterfly frame, so that you can put the lens in.

The fourth point is better anti-fog

The lenses with good anti-fogging properties use double-layer lenses, and the inner lens has an anti-fog coating. At the same time, the double-layer lens is insulated to prevent fogging caused by internal and external heat conduction. It also needs a good ventilation frame to make the internal air Circulating flow, can effectively keep warm and dehumidify to help prevent fogging.

Fifth point, try on the helmet and snow goggles together

Try on your helmet and snow goggles together. The are of the snow goggles must fit the helmet. There should not be too much gap between the front and the sides, otherwise you will feel very cold when the cold wind enters the helmet.

Choose snow goggles. Because each of us has a different face shape, the feeling of wearing snow goggles is different. It is recommended that you can choose several snow goggles to try on. I hope you can find a suitable ski goggles.

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