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Do beginners need to wear snow ski goggles?

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Many ski beginners often have questions about whether novices need to wear snow ski goggles. The answer is of course. First of all, we must know why we must wear ski goggles. In fact, we have encountered some people who will ask if they can ski. When wearing swimming goggles, ski goggles are not necessary.

Of course, ski goggles are a necessity for skiing, and they need to be worn not only when skiing, but also when you are going to play in the snow. The reason is that the reflection of sunlight on the snow is very strong and ultraviolet rays can easily make the eyes suffer from snow blindness.

The cold wind irritates the eyes and damages the eyes during sliding, and it is easy to open the eyes. In addition, the fogging of the mirror will cause inconvenience and danger.

What aspects should be paid attention to when choosing glasses?

1. First of all, it is best to have 100% UV resistance and anti-ultraviolet properties, which can resist ultraviolet burns to the eyes.

2. After anti-fogging treatment, the fogging of the snow mirror is because the temperature inside the snow mirror is higher than the outside, which forms a temperature check. The temperature of the snow mirror with a small internal space rises quickly, which is likely to cause the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, and it is relatively easy to fog. Simply put, the snow goggles protruding in front of the lens are less prone to fogging.

3. The outer lens of quality mirrored ski goggles has two types: spherical lens and cylindrical lens. The surface shape of the spherical lens is similar to the spherical surface, which effectively reduces the parallax and expands the field of view.

However, for snowboarding, where the body regularly maintains sideways sliding motion, it is easy to produce angular deviation when looking from the side to the front. The cylindrical mirror is easy to bend, the inner frame is softer, the shape is closer to the face, and it is comfortable to wear. When choosing, choose according to your own sliding style.

4. It is best to try on ski goggles, because everyone's face shape is different, it is recommended to try on various styles when choosing, choose the snow goggles with your own face.

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