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Tips for Purchasing Snowboard Goggles

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It’s necessary to have your snowboard goggles on when you go skiing. Goggles allow you to see clearly what is in the front. Is there a big hole, a tree or an incoming steep slope? When it comes to high altitude mountains, normal glasses do not have the ability to resist strong light. Before you go skiing, make sure you choose a good pair of skiing goggles. It’s hard to make a decision especially when selecting such an item. The following are some tips:


Different colors of lens reflect different lights for different weather situations. To be precise,  a professional skier should carry and prepare several colors of lenses for the best performance of its snowboarding, skiers should know which color of lenses can filter out certain light and how they perform differently in different weather. For example, when it’s foggy and cloudy, it’s better to go out with yellow, rose, amber, green and blue. When it’s sunny and bright, it’s better with a polarized lens with dark colors. 


When choosing the right goggles, it’s more about the visibility and functions, rather than considering style and aesthetic taste. There are typically two widely applied shapes: flat and spherical. Flat lenses can provide good peripheral vision for beginners. Unlike flat lenses, spherical lenses are designed to reduce disrupting factors such as visual distorting, glare and fogging. The spherical one is fit for professional skiers.

Anti-fogging Goggles

The Anti-fogging goggles prevent moisture from forming in two ways. First, there is a venting to enable better airflow to balance the moisture on both sides. Then, some with anti-fog coating on the surface of the lenses are able to resist the influence of fog.

Moreover, a good snowboard goggle is considered to have enough face foam around the lens for comfortable wearing. They come with flexible and wide straps for easy adjustment. I believe that this article will be helpful for your business, it could be a buying guide to your customers. 


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