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The purchase of swimming goggles cautions

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Swimming goggles are one of the equipment we need to use when swimming. It can prevent swimming pool water from entering the eyes during diving, which brings a lot of fun to swimming, but we need to pay attention to the following points when we buy swimming goggles. Purchase a high-quality swimming goggles suitable for us.

reansonsports is a professional swimming goggles manufacturer in China,Today, we would like to introduce the matters needing attention when buying swimming glasses.

1. Pay attention to check whether the swimming goggles are transparent and have no obvious scratches.

2. Check the gasket of the swimming goggles and whether the rubber is sealed. If not, water may enter the eyes during swimming.

3. Pay attention to the width of the bridge of the nose of the swimming goggles. Some goggles can be adjusted in width, while others are not. So be sure to try them on to see if they are suitable.

4. The quality of swimming goggles straps should be good. If the elasticity and firmness of the swimming goggles straps are not good, it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the swimming goggles straps when choosing. The higher the price, the better the quality. If you want to buy For swimming goggles with better cost performance, you can choose swimming goggles dedicated to athletes, which has a very good cost performance.

Things to note when swimming:

1. Keep proper tightness. One thing to pay attention to when wearing swimming goggles is not to tie the goggles too tightly, otherwise it will easily cause hypoxia in the brain or uncomfortable glasses.

2. Swimming goggles do not fog. Everyone is often troubled by the fogging of swimming goggles. In fact, this problem can be easily solved, such as applying anti-fogging agent on the swimming goggles, or spitting some saliva on the sides of the glasses, inside and outside. , And then rinse with water, being careful not to touch it with your hands.

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