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Swimming must learn to wear swimming equipment

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The hot summer is here, and the best way to relieve the heat is swimming. Whether you can swim or not, you will need some swimming equipment. When using and maintaining swimming equipment, there will be many misunderstandings that you don’t expect.

For people who like swimming, how should they choose their one?

Client: "It means that the elasticity is better. First of all, the fabric and then the brand is mainly due to these two factors. The better the elasticity of the swimsuit, the more reliable the quality of the swimsuit."

This view is not correct. The composition of swimming suits is mainly composed of nylon yarn and spandex rubber. It has a certain degree of elasticity. People should wear this swimming suit in a suitable size. If it is completely relied on its elasticity to make it suitable for wear, it will shorten the service life of swimming suits and age in advance.

The size of elasticity is only one aspect of choosing a swimsuit. A good swimsuit depends on the texture of the fabric, and the texture should be dense. The swimsuit made by doing this can still return to the original shape after multiple stretches, but it is not as some people say the more elastic Bigger is better.

According to the above principles, when you choose a swimsuit, you must first look at the elasticity of the swimsuit, then the swimsuit fabric, whether its texture is tight, and at the same time look at its light transmittance. The mechanism of the fabric needs to be uniform, and the places where there is no place are very loose. It also depends on the workmanship of the swimsuit to see if the workmanship is firm and tidy at the same time. Female friends, we especially want to remind you to pay special attention to the bra lining when choosing a swimsuit to see if its elasticity is very good and whether it fits.

The problem of selection is solved. How do you do in the use and maintenance of swimsuits?

Customer: "When washing swimsuits, I usually wash them with water, soap, or transparent soap. I usually use shampoo for washing my hair. I usually go back and add some washing powder and a little fabric softener."

Swimsuits should not be exposed to hot water after use and should be hand-washed with clean water. For example, some people go to the sauna when they wear swimsuits after swimming so that the swimsuits are degummed and shorten their service life. In addition, you cannot use detergent to clean your swimwear. Any detergent may erode the swimsuit and affect the life of the swimsuit. Also, do not expose the swimsuit to the sun when it is cool, to ensure that the swimsuit is durable. Generally speaking, swimsuits that are frequently used should be replaced within a year.

After reading the introduction, you may not have thought that there is so much knowledge in the selection of swimsuits.

I think there are three advantages to wearing a swimming cap: First, from the perspective of public health, people’s hair is often prone to fall out, so if you don’t wear a swimming cap while swimming, your hair will fall into the water and it will pollute the water in the swimming pool. The second point is to protect the hair. The water in the swimming pool contains disinfectant ingredients that can damage human hair to a certain extent. The third point is that most of us wear swimming caps with better colors. If a dangerous accident occurs while swimming in the water, the ambulance staff will easily find that you are convenient for rescue.

So you should wear a swimming cap when swimming indoors and outdoors. You can choose a swimming cap made of elastic nylon or rubber, which is cheaper. Nylon products have good air permeability but are not waterproof, while rubber swimming caps have good waterproof performance, anti-aging, and poor tensile strength, and have a short service life. Now the better swimming caps are mainly made of high-grade silicone, which has a softer feel. Strong and very durable, but the price is more expensive.


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