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Points to note in skiing

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Skiing is a sport loved by many people. Not only do you need to wear protective clothing, ski goggles and other equipment during skiing, you also need to pay attention to some things. Now, let Reanson ski goggles manufacturer introduce you to skiing. Things to note.

Note for skiing:

1. Choose a good weather for skiing

Choose the time to ski according to the changes in the weather. It is best to avoid windy days and snowy days.

2. Get ready for ski protective clothing

The sport of skiing has certain requirements for clothing. The top should be loose to facilitate the stretching of the sliding movement. The cuffs and trousers should be necked, and the elasticity can be adjusted, which can effectively prevent snowflakes from entering the inside of the clothing. The neckline should be The upright high neck opening prevents cold air from entering.

Ski hats are best to choose a hedging style, which can prevent the cold wind from damaging the face. The color of the clothes should be brighter or have a large contrast with the snow surface, so that it is easy to identify and avoid collisions.

3. Wear professional ski goggles

The reflection of sunlight on the pupils is very strong, and the cold wind in the sliding is also very irritating to the eyes. It is necessary to wear a pair of professional ski goggles to protect the eyes.

You should choose ski goggles with a thicker frame and fully enclosed ski goggles. At the same time, there should be a vent made of breathable sponge on the outer frame to disperse the heat discharged from the facial skin to the outside of the ski goggles to ensure that the ski goggles have a good mirror surface. Visual effects.

4. Apply sunscreen

Because the cold wind stimulates the skin and the strong ultraviolet rays on the snow can cause severe burns to the skin, you can choose some oily skin care products with the function of preventing water loss, and then use a sunscreen with better UV protection effect to apply to the skin. .

5. Anti-frostbite measures

The frostbite caused by the human body mainly occurs in parts such as inaccessibility, footsteps, ears, etc. Therefore, cashmere products or chemical fiber products with better heat preservation effect should be used to keep the above parts warm.

6. Bring some high-energy food. Once intoxicated by the fun of skiing, many people tend to forget to eat. Therefore, you should bring some high-energy foods that are easy to carry, such as beef jerky, chocolate, etc., to ensure a sufficient supply of calories.

7. Know the condition of the ski trail

You should carefully understand the height, width, length, slope and direction of the piste, which is especially important for beginners.

8. Check ski tools

The skis and ski poles should be inspected well, including whether there are any cracks, whether the anchors are firmly connected, etc.

9. Safety is the most important

Remember not to ski after drinking, as frostbite is prone to occur if you lie outside drunk. Don't slip out of the boundaries of the ski resort without authorization. Don't make trouble while skiing. Rather than fall down, don't collide. Collision is very dangerous.

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