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How to choose swimming goggles?

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Swimming goggles can effectively protect the eyes and prevent water from entering the eyes during swimming. Many people don’t know how to buy a good swimming goggles. Today, the reanson swimming goggles manufacturer will tell you how to choose a good one. swimming glasses.

In terms of performance, the airtightness, anti-fog effect, and comfort of swimming goggles should be considered.

1. Waterproof performance of swimming goggles

Some people are always talking about the anti-fog performance of swimming goggles. In fact, the first function of swimming goggles is to isolate water.

Some people say: nonsense, is it not possible to isolate water from any swimming goggles? In fact, it is not true, swimming goggles often leak and it is very annoying; a good pair of swimming goggles needs to be able to withstand a certain impact (diving); but also It is not easy to keep airtight for a long time.

Many people try to tighten the straps because the straps are loose. In fact, the sealing of the swimming goggles relies on the elasticity of the rubber around the swimming goggles to press out a part of the air to form a negative pressure to adsorb on the eye sockets.

The strap of the goggles can only play a role in assisting stability, and it can't last long only by tightening the strap.

A pair of swimming goggles with good airtightness and not easy to leak for a long time requires that the edge of the swimming goggles and your eye sockets be fully fitted, and the rubber around the lenses is elastic and will not age for a certain period of time.

2. Anti-fog

Fogging of swimming goggles is a normal phenomenon, just like the windshield of a car, no matter how expensive it is, the fogging cannot be completely avoided.

If you swim regularly, you should be more waterproof than anti-fog. Use a standard swimming posture. Your sight is underwater most of the time, so fogging doesn't matter.

Anti-fog tips:

A. When the swimming goggles are just bought back, try to extend their own anti-fog effect. Don't touch the inside of the mirror with your hands, don't stick to oil stains, wash it off with cold water immediately after use.

B. When its own anti-fogging gradually fails, use a special anti-fogging agent, spray it on the inner wall of the swimming goggles, and then use it after simple immersion in water. Take care to avoid the anti-fogging agent entering the glasses.

C. If there is no anti-fogging agent, you can use substitutes. First, apply shampoo or shower gel on the inner side, and use after washing in water.

D. Saliva can also be anti-fogging, but saliva is not the only method, nor is it the best effect. PS: I never use my tongue to lick the swimming goggles. The inner wall of the swimming goggles is easily stained and very dirty. I usually apply saliva to the inside of the lens with my hands.

3. The comfort of swimming goggles

A: When choosing swimming goggles, you should also take into account the comfort and beauty of swimming goggles. Usually the small frame is more cool and the large frame is more comfortable. Choose according to your own preferences.

B: If you insist on swimming for a long time, you should pay more attention to comfort and choose swimming goggles with a slightly larger frame.

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