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How to choose a professional swimming glasses?

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Reanson is a professional swimming goggles manufacturer, we provide a variety of fashionable swimming goggles. Swimming goggles are a kind of equipment that is often used in the process of swimming. It can protect our eyes, let us see things underwater and prevent the water in the pool from entering our eyes when diving, so it is called our swimming Essential items.

How to choose a professional swimming goggles

1. Meet medical standards

Choosing a pair of professional swimming lenses should meet medical standards. When swimming, ensure that the degrees of the water and underwater are the same, see objects clearly, and have the field of vision as wide as possible without obstruction.

2. Meet optical standards

If the lens of the selected swimming goggles is uneven, looking at objects in the swimming pool will look like a bump. After a long time, it will not only affect your eyesight, but also not guarantee your own safety in the swimming pool. Comply with optical standards.

3. Meet the wearing comfort

I personally recommend choosing a slightly larger swimming goggles when swimming, because the nose bridge and glasses strap of swimming goggles are easy to adjust, which is suitable for the facial features of the public. Therefore, you should consider your own glasses when choosing swimming goggles. The size of the nose, the height of the nose and the characteristics of the face.

4. Choose swimming goggles with good anti-fog effect

The temperature of the water in the swimming pool is generally lower than the body temperature, and the temperature in the swimming goggles is higher than the temperature of the water around the swimming goggles, so the water vapor condenses into water and adheres to the inner wall of the swimming goggles. The inside of brand new swimming goggles is usually coated with a layer of oil for anti-fogging treatment, which cannot be wiped by hand.

5. Choose swimming goggles with good sealing

The apron of swimming goggles is in direct contact with the skin of the eye, and swimming goggles with strong adsorption have better sealing properties, so that it is not easy to enter water or fall off.

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