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How do swimming glasses prevent fogging?

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Triathlon swim goggles are one of the necessary sports equipment for swimmers during swimming. Swimming goggles can effectively protect our glasses from water ingress, but sometimes the swimming goggles will fog up, which will make us unable to see objects. , Very annoying, so how can this be avoided?

Generally, new anti-fog professional swimming goggles are coated with an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens, but the swimming goggles are often washed, and the anti-fog effect will be greatly reduced soon. Many swimming goggles can only be maintained for a period of time, and the anti-fog effect is still It will disappear faster due to improper use.

We can apply shampoo and shower gel to scrub, and then wash it off to achieve the anti-fog effect.

The main steps:

First apply a thin layer of shampoo with your fingers, then wipe it off with a paper towel, and the mirror surface will return to normal visibility. Transparent shampoo or shower gel is especially easy to wipe until the lens is transparent. This method is also suitable for common opacity Shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, etc., but products with scrub particles cannot be used because they may wear lenses.

Then wipe with a paper towel to keep the inside of the goggles dry.

Rinse it with water afterwards. When there is no paper towel, you can rinse it off with water to prevent the inner wall of the lens from being scratched. A little residue is needed to be effective.

Anti-fog principle: All daily chemical products that can bubble up contain surfactants, so that the water mist on the lens will no longer condense into a mist that blocks the view. Some components of the anti-fog agent are also fatty acid surfactants, and the principle is the same of.

Alternative method: apply a layer of saliva. Many professional athletes also use this method. It is widely spread among swimming enthusiasts. It is very effective, but many people cannot accept it. Compared with toiletries, it has no effect. So good, can be used as a backup method.

Precautions for keeping silicone swimming goggles:

1. After use, rinse with clean water and dry. Do not wipe the lens with a towel to avoid scratching the mirror surface.

2. New swimming goggles are generally anti-fogging, so don't apply too much anti-fogging agent.

3. Do not use various organic solvents when removing stains to avoid deformation or discoloration of swimming goggles.

4. In a wet state, the color will be stained if it is put together with swimsuits, towels and other items for a long time, so it should be placed in a plastic bag or small box after use. At the same time, long-term storage in water or in a humid state will reduce the anti-fogging effect of the swimming goggles, and will also cause mold. Therefore, long-term storage should be placed in a dry and ventilated place at room temperature and add talcum powder. Carry out maintenance.

5. When storing the swimming goggles, please do not place them in direct sunlight or extreme high temperature to avoid deformation or performance deterioration of the swimming goggles.

6. Do not use any substance to wipe the inside of the lens directly to prevent damage to the inside of the glasses.

7. Swimming goggles generally have no shelf life. Please put them in the box when they are not used for a long time. If you have time, you can clean them regularly.

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