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Can skiing wear polarized sunglasses?

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Many friends who like skiing do not know whether they can wear polarized sunglasses when skiing. Today, the Reason snow ski goggles manufacturer will introduce to you.

The answer is yes, because polarized sunglasses can prevent glare from snow and absorb ultraviolet rays from sunlight. When skiing, when the light passes through the uneven snow, the irregular reflected light is also called glare.

When these rays of light irradiate human eyes directly, it will cause discomfort and fatigue in the eyes, and cannot see objects for a long time, and the sharpness of the objects seen is obviously insufficient.

The polarizer uses the linear molecular array inside its lens to filter and eliminate all kinds of glare that damage the eyes, that is, the polarizer passes through the linear molecular array in its lens.

I sorted out the irregular reflected light again, and made the light into the eyes clearer and more natural. Wearing polarized sunglasses when skiing can also relieve our eyesight fatigue, so when you want to ski but don't have professional snow ski goggles, you can use polarized sunglasses to ski.

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