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Antifogging of swimming goggles

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Fogging of swimming goggles is a normal phenomenon, just like the windshield of a car, no matter how expensive it is, it is impossible to avoid fogging completely.

If you are a person who often swims, then you should pay more attention to the waterproof effect rather than the anti-fog effect. When using a standard swimming posture, your sight is underwater most of the time, and it doesn’t matter if you get some fog. If it’s water, it will be troublesome. One of the more interesting jokes is what do swimmers think in the water during a competition? The answer is: don't leak, don't leak!

The anti-fog and sharpness were the best in the period of time when the glasses were just bought. The more expensive goggles last longer. The inner wall of these goggles has been specially treated, but it can be used dozens of times.

There are many anti-fogging tips, but the effect is limited. The application of anti-fogging agent and saliva can only be effective in a short time. The longer the time, the worse the effect. I do it like this in practice:

When the swimming goggles were first bought, try to extend its own anti-fog effect. Don't touch the inside of the mirror with your hands, and don't get oily stains. Rinse it with cold water immediately after use.

When its own anti-fogging gradually fails, use a special anti-fogging agent, spray it on the inner wall of the swimming goggles, and then use it after simple immersion in water, taking care to avoid getting into the eyes.

If the anti-fogging agent is not bought or brought, substitutes can be used. For special treats, first use shampoo or shower gel, apply it to the inner wall by hand, and use after soaking in water to prevent it from entering the glasses. If there is no condition, use saliva.

The reason why saliva anti-fogging is called a magical skill is simply because saliva is a self-produced anti-fogging agent and does not need to be carried. In fact, saliva is not the only method, nor is it the best method. PS: I never use my tongue to lick my swimming goggles. The inner wall of the swimming goggles is easily stained and very dirty. I usually stick saliva on the lenses with my hands.

After using it for a period of time, you will find that regardless of the anti-fog method, the duration of the anti-fog effect will be shorter and shorter. This is normal. If the airtightness of the goggles is also getting worse at this time, it means that the goggles It has begun to age, so you need to change to a new pair of swimming goggles.

Think of swimming goggles as a consumable item. After using too many goggles, you will find a goggles that fits your face, fits better, is comfortable, and is affordable. Buy a few more each time, three to four. Change one month.

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