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What material is good for the goggles?

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1.. Select material

At present, the goggles are divided into three materials: rubber, fine rubber and silicone. Among them, rubber is the most traditional. In comparison, the material is hard and easy to age, but the price is cheaper. Fine glue is relatively soft. The rubber product is highly praised by the manufacturer because it is soft and has good airtightness. The density can float on the water surface, and it can be decomposed by itself without pollution to the environment. This new material is environmentally friendly and has no damage to the skin. It is suitable for allergic people. Nowadays, the brand that uses silicone in the market has ‘Yang Yang’ and so on.


2. Pay attention to water resistance

Each person's face is different, you need to try the selected swimming goggles yourself. The specific method is face down, press the goggles on the eyes and feel the suction of the gasket. Taking into account the pressure in the water, the suction at this time is comfortable and suitable.

3. Observe the clarity and transparency of the mirror

The goggles using the first material have the best clarity. The general price is also more expensive.

4. Anti-fog performance

Because the water around the goggles is cooler, the air inside the goggles easily condenses into water on the inner wall of the goggles, causing fogging. The goggles with good anti-fog performance, the high-tech "eat the mist" technology has a strong hydrophilicity, can absorb water vapor to form a water film, so that the water gas can not adhere to the lens to form a mist. Moreover, the "fog" has a long anti-fog life and is not easily melted into water or chemicals.


5. Comfort

The design of the goggles should be ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the human face, head and eyes. At present, the internationally popular goggles are small, because Westerners have deep eye sockets and small glasses are embedded in the eye sockets, which is more suitable for Western facial features. Orientals generally have a flat face, so choosing a slightly larger goggles would be more comfortable. The nose bridge and headband of the general goggles can be easily adjusted to suit everyone's needs.


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