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What are the types of commonly used snorkels?

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There are many types of breathing tubes for diving. Commonly used are all-wet, semi-wet, and full-dry. The main difference between the three types is whether there is a buoyancy valve or a wave-proof structure at the top of the breathing tube. In addition, in the use, Dongguan Rentong goggles, breathing tube manufacturers give the following suggestions:

1. Novices recommend using a full dry type to prevent drowning. The fully dry buoyancy valve allows your pipe to automatically close when it is not in the water, preventing seawater from being poured. If you accidentally close your mouth and the water is in the tube, it will also allow you to raise your head without lifting your head. The water is drained in the water.

2. Some of the mouthpieces can be replaced, but there are many specifications. If you only have a mouthpiece, you can use it in a snorkeling place.


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