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What are the goggles use and maintenance skills?

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The structure, principle, scope of use and methods of goggles and goggles are different. Adult goggles refer to the goggles that adults swim with. In order to extend the service life of our goggles, we need to pay attention to it in daily use. The following points:

1. After each use, the goggles should be washed with water and placed in the goggle box.

2. When cleaning the goggles, be sure to choose the right cleaning product. When choosing a detergent, choose neutral, rinse with your fingertips, rinse with water, and then dry in a cool place.

3. The goggles, nose bridge, headband and other accessories of the goggles are generally made of silicone or plastic, so it is necessary to avoid high temperature environment to avoid aging.

4. When wiping the goggle lens, do not use anything to wipe directly, so as not to damage the anti-fog film.

The difference between goggles and goggles:

1. The goggles have a device for sealing the nasal orifices.

2, the goggles seal layout is huge, important to cover airtight and watertight.

3, the scope of use and the difference between the cover parts: the scope of the goggles can be used under water and water, and the swimming goggles can only be used on the water; the goggles cover the eyes and nose, and should be sealed, and the swimming goggles Only cover the eyes from the water, the watertight grade is lower;

4, the use of essential differences: goggles are generally used with breathing tubes, diving respirators, etc., when used, generally require the mouth to breathe gas, only in the need to clear the water of the goggles to balance the pressure in the goggles table, etc. Nostril breathing is used in the environment. Swimming goggles do not have this requirement.



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