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How to clean diving equipment?

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With the continuous development of diving products and equipment and people's in-depth research on diving activities, diving slowly enters our lives in a casual way. If it is used in sea water for a long time, it needs regular maintenance. How should the diving equipment be cleaned?


It is relatively rare for divers to dive in completely clean water, so all diving equipment should be rinsed with clean water after use. Rinse with clean water to remove sediment, soil and salt. These residual deposits will not only cause damage to the equipment, but also make the equipment look old. The damage of salt to diving equipment is great. Not only will salt crystallize, but it will also accelerate the corrosion rate of steel, aluminum and bronze. If it is a sharp crystal, it will pierce the airbag of the buoyancy adjustment device. Fortunately, most of the sediment can be removed by washing with clean water; warm water washing is more efficient than cold water washing, but warm water is not available everywhere. If high-pressure water is used to flush the valve, regulator or instrument cluster, this will cause deposits to enter between the O-ring and the metal sheet, which will damage the gap seal, so avoid using high-pressure water for flushing when cleaning.

If the diving product equipment cannot be rinsed immediately, you can soak it in clean water for a period of time before washing, and then place it under a water pipe or faucet to rinse.


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