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How to choose a ski goggles?

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The ski goggles can be split into several parts, ski goggles, lenses, sponges, and elastic bands.

  The first ski frame, first of all, to ensure that the frame is soft, to ensure that the ski fall will not cause damage to the human body due to the broken ski goggles when the impact, so the material of the frame needs to be guaranteed TPU, TPU full name thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), environmentally friendly, wear resistant, aging resistant, oil resistant, water resistant, and mold resistant. High hardness, strong load carrying capacity, outstanding impact resistance and shock absorption. Features: Its material has excellent flexibility, can be kneaded freely, not easy to deform or break, to ensure that the mirror will not cause harm to the human body when it is impacted. Now many ski goggles manufacturers frame injection of TPU materials, and some manufacturers use secondary materials in order to save costs, so their prices will be much lower than other factories. The glasses produced by Guangzhou Snowland Eagle Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. are all injection molded with new materials. No matter what color of the frame is sprayed, it is guaranteed to use new materials.

 Good material is the first step to ensure the quality of the frame. The most important thing when skiing is to ensure the fit of the ski goggles to the face, so as to ensure that the ski will not breathe into the interior. The quality of many big-name ski goggles abroad is very good, but there is a problem, that is, the bridge of the nose is very high, suitable for European faces. Although they also have some Asian models, it is difficult to buy. Therefore, the ski goggles developed by Snowland Eagle Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is made for Asian faces, and the fit is better, making your skiing safer.

  Second, the lens. Many ski goggles now mainly use double-layer lenses, the outer film is a strengthened PC lens, and the inner film is anti-fog. Can also be made into a single layer, single-layer lenses can also be used to strengthen the internal anti-fog, but less. There are many manufacturers of ski goggles that are double-layered, but some use ordinary anti-fog films. This effect is not so good. Sometimes it will be foggy and foggy. How can you see the front when skiing? The ski goggles double-lens inner lens produced by Shenzhen Ruiyuanxiang Co., Ltd. is a permanent anti-fog lens imported from Italy.

Before using the permanent anti-fog lens, there is a yellow protective film from the inside of the lens. Ordinary anti-fog lenses are transparent protective films. Therefore, please pay attention to the purchase when purchasing, ask clearly.

Regarding the lens, it is also necessary to select a lens with an appropriate light transmittance. Appropriate light transmittance (commonly speaking, the color of the lens), reducing the glare of the reflection of sunlight and snow. Skiing in the daytime area usually chooses some darker colors to avoid snow blindness and glare. If you are going to ski at night, you should choose a lens with a brightening effect.

Regarding the ultraviolet light, many lenses are now added with UV powder, which is basically 100% UV-like.

  Third, the sponge. The sponge of the ski goggles has a single layer, a double layer and a three layer sponge. The single layer sponge is only a layer of sponge, and the double layer and the third layer are only a layer of flannel in addition to the sponge. The flannel is very soft. The contact wholesale is more comfortable; while the flannel also has different colors, the combination of the flannel of the sponge is generally matched with the color of the frame or the color of the lens, so that the ski goggles look better and are more graded. In terms of density, the sponge with a high density is softer and more comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin, while the density is lower, it feels rougher.

  Fourth, the elastic band. Ski goggles generally have elastic bands, and they can also do a variety of effects. First of all, if you are doing factory processing of your brand, you can add your own logo on the elastic belt, logo can be woven, weaved, hot stamped and other different practices. Secondly, the elastic belt has a non-slip effect. Many ski goggles are worn with a helmet. Because the surface of the ski helmet is also relatively smooth, the general belt buckle is easy to slip off, so if you want to do a little ski goggles, the elastic belt is best. It has a non-slip effect so that it can be used even when wearing a helmet or not wearing a helmet.



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