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How to choose a good goggle?

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The hottest place in summer is a swimming pool. I believe that most people like to swim. In the water, they can also exercise their lung capacity and promote blood circulation. Before you go swimming, you need to prepare related items, such as swimsuits, swimming goggles, how to choose a good goggles?


1, transmittance

When swimming, because the water temperature is relatively low, the glasses are easy to fog, which will affect the line of sight. When selecting a goggle, choose a hydrophilic mirror material so that it can absorb moisture and prevent it from condensing into fog. The goggle antifogging agent is also available on the market, and it is also a method for effectively preventing specular atomization.

2, sealing

When choosing a goggle, try wearing a goggles and feel the seal is absorbent and will not make your eyes feel tight. The sealing ring of a good goggle can not only reduce the penetration of moisture, but also relieve the impact of the eyes in the water, and will not cause pain in the eyes.

3, look at the material of the material goggles more, because the goggles have several parts, so the material is different, but in general, the goggles of the head, nose bridge, frame is made of sand material, this material The benefits are very soft and the skin does not feel pain when worn. The lens is made of glass, resin, silica gel, plastic, etc. The lens of the goggle is a combination of tempered glass and silica gel. The price is relatively expensive, and the cheaper one is plastic processing.

4, see the degree

Some people are myopic, but it doesn't matter. Now there are special myopia goggles, suitable for those with myopia. When you buy a goggle, you should choose your own personal situation. A good myopia goggle is suitable. Medically standard and does not affect the line of sight.


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