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High quality snorkel selection skills

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The snorkel is a necessary equipment when snorkeling. When you choose, you can try it yourself. The right breathing tube is easy to breathe in addition to comfort. When you try it out, you can place the mouthpiece between your lips and your teeth, and lean your body against your left ear. The mouthpiece should be comfortable, it won't scratch your mouth or cause chin fatigue, and it's straight in your mouth. of. In addition, users should pay attention when choosing the breathing tube.

1. The diameter of the pipe should be large.

2. The length is preferably 30 to 40 cm. Too long a breathing tube will increase the respiratory dead space and reduce the efficiency of ventilation.

3. A moderately sized, comfortable mouthpiece. It is best to use a silicone mouthpiece because it is soft and non-toxic. Some of the lower part of the breathing tube has a flexible hose or a design that can be adjusted to the face to increase the comfort of use.

4. The snorkel has a special design to improve drainage performance.



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