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Diving mask opens a new era of easy snorkeling

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The diving full face mask is the first true dry snorkeling mask on the market. It can be said that it has created a new era of easy snorkeling. The advantages of choosing a full face mask are:

1. Easily achieve free breathing underwater. Compared with the snorkel in the market, the full face mask is equipped with a breathing tube above the mask and through an innovative dual airflow system: the upper area connecting the breathing tube can draw in the outside air, and then directly discharge the gas from the lower area, allowing the float The submers can also use the nose to breathe naturally under water.

2. No need to learn, directly get started, "fool-like operation" snorkeling mask, allowing snorkeling beginners to breathe freely in the water.

3. The dry top snorkel system is equipped with a compact buoyancy valve design. When the breathing tube is out of the water, the safety valve can open the inhalation. When the entire mask is completely out of the water, the valve will automatically close and prevent the mask from entering the water. .

4. The full face mask is made of high quality material, which is more sturdy and light, suitable for adults and children. The part that is in direct contact with the face uses an anti-allergic silicone skirt material to give the user a better feel.



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