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Scuba Diving Fins-F42

Specs: Item Number: Size : Small/Medium/large Type: open heel /full foot ( with insole) Color: red/silver/yellow/skyblue
  • F42
  • reanson

Our Scuba Diving Fins use the latest Superchannel technology, allowing for optimal power and maximum kick efficiency. These Scuba Diving Fins employ advanced Superchannel thrust technology, thermoplastic rubber/tecralene materials, and upper and lower stabilizers.

The Channel Thrust technology maximizes the channeling of water, and moves a much greater amount of water compared to other fins of the same size.

The result is greater thrusting power, with the same amount of effort. The blade is designed with a large flexible central superchannel that propels water flow more efficiently down the fin blade (instead of letting it spill over the sides) for optimal performance and minimal diver effort.

The thermoplastic rubber/trecralene allow for a comfortable fit, eliminating the need for protection against blisters. Upper and lower stabilizers are vertical ribs that anchor the blade through the kick cycle to eliminate side to side wobbling effect, keeping your kicks stable and reducing power loss.

Another significant and exclusive feature of the material used is its great durability and constant efficiency over time: even after intensive and prolonged use, the blade retains its strength and maintains its initial technical characteristics unaltered.

the footpocket is wider than the other  fin models. We suggest to use it with neoprene socks in order to have a proper fit.

For use without neoprene socks, we recommend to buy one smaller size.


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