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Introduction of quality ski snowboard goggles

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Quality ski snowboard goggles can be divided into ordinary snowboard and double-board sports ski goggles and junior motorcycle ski goggles. The sunlight reflection effect is very strong on the snow, and the cold wind during sliding is particularly irritating to the eyes, so this time You need a high-quality ski goggles to protect the eyes of skiers.

Ski goggles are used to block wind and light during skiing, so try to wear resin glasses with borders. The color of the lenses is yellow or brown. The most suitable color is for skiers with poor eyesight. Do not wear contact lenses for skiing during the skiing process. If the contact lenses are dropped after a fall during skiing, the possibility of getting them back is very small.

Features of ski goggles:

A quality ski snowboard goggles should have the following characteristics. First, it can effectively prevent cold wind from irritating the eyes; second, it can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes; third, in the process of skiing, mirror Will not fog up and block the line of sight; fourthly, when you fall down during skiing, the ski goggles will not cause damage to your face.

With the development of science and technology, reportsonsports is constantly improving, and the product pages manufactured are constantly improved and updated, and can provide a variety of products to meet the needs of all kinds of people. Nowadays, ski lenses have also developed from a single layer to a double layer. From no anti-fog to anti-fog, they can be used in various weather conditions. The mirror surface is divided into an inner lens and an outer lens. The inner lens is made of resin and has good water absorption. , After immersing in the anti-fogging liquid, it can have a better anti-fogging effect. 

The lens surface is hardened to prevent the lens from being scratched. The color is plated outside the strengthening layer. The main coloring materials are silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide. In addition, outside There are vents made of ventilated sponge on the upper edge of the frame to facilitate the facial skin to remove the heat at the initial stage and to ensure a good visual effect on the mirror.

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