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Essential diving equipment and scuba diving equipment

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Diving requires diving equipment. In simple terms, diving equipment can be divided into light equipment and heavy equipment. Light equipment refers to diving goggles, snorkels and flippers-diving three treasures, you can have these three pieces of equipment when snorkeling. Scuba diving also requires heavy equipment such as breathing regulators, buoyancy regulators, diving instruments, gas cylinders, and other auxiliary equipment.

Basic personal equipment

Diving goggles


There is no mask in the water, and the scene is blurred. Put on the mirror to help the eye to restore the autofocus function.

Diving mirror lens is tempered glass, there are single lens and lens, double lens can be equipped with nearsighted or farsighted lens.

Surface snorkel

Surface snorkel is used when diving on the surface before and after diving, to save the use of cylinder air, or when snorkeling, you can breathe smoothly when enjoying the underwater scenery.

Diving shoes

The main function of diving shoes is to provide warmth and protection for the feet. It is inevitable to walk on reefs and beaches when diving. Wearing dive boots can prevent your feet from being scratched by rough reefs and sharp shells and coral debris on the beach. It can also prevent your feet from being burned by the hot beach.

Fins (Flippers)

Fins is to help divers increase their driving force underwater. There are two types of flippers: one is the sleeve type, the other is the open heel type, and the diving shoes must be worn when the heels are opened.


The only purpose of wetsuit is to provide warmth and protection to the body. Avoid being scratched, stinged by hydra or jellyfish, and exposed to sunlight while on the water. Diving suits are divided into two categories, dry suits and wet suits. Casual diving generally uses wet suits. Dry suits are used for diving or ice diving in colder waters.

Diving gloves

Diving gloves function is to provide warmth and protection for both hands.

Diving knife

There are two kinds of stainless steel and titanium alloy, titanium alloy is not easy to rust. It is the cutting tool used when divers encounter fishing line, fishing net or seaweed entanglement.

Lead block lead tape

Lead block is mainly used to offset the buoyancy of the body, wetsuit and diving equipment.

Scuba diving equipment

Scuba is translated from SCUBA, and scuba is composed of five English initials. SCUBA = SelfContained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (BC) floating control suit (BC)

The main purpose of float control suit is to provide diver-type float control on the surface or when diving. When diving, because the pressure changes the surface to increase or decrease the float, you can help the diver reach the neutral float (weightless) by increasing or decreasing the air in the float.

Breathing regulator

General breathing regulators can provide sufficient air breathing in different water depths. Through the primary and secondary heads of the breathing regulator, the high-pressure air in the cylinder can be reduced to the air that the diver can breathe comfortably. Under water will provide enough gas according to your needs. It is composed of primary and secondary. The whole set of regulator needs to be equipped with a backup air source (secondary backup)

Diving instrument

Dive instruments are composed of single watch (barometer), double watch (barometer + depth gauge or barometer + compass), triple meter (barometer, depth gauge, compass).

Dive computer

Dive computer can provide a variety of data, very convenient, including depth, temperature, diving time, decompression procedures and diving plans, gas supply, water speed warning and other functions.

Diving cylinder

Cylinders are made of steel or aluminum alloy, as long as they are used to store compressed air. The size and capacity are different, and can fill 200 atmospheric pressures.

Auxiliary diving equipment

Make your diving safer and more fun.


Prevent large heat loss from the head and protect the head and neck.

Diving torch

Night dive, deep dive, cave dive or look for creatures in the cave.

Underwater camera and video camera

Ordinary digital camera or camera plus a matching camera case can achieve waterproof effect, waterproof about 40 meters, there are many photography brands have produced matching camera case and camera case.

Water and underwater pager

Underwater pager can sound and call buddies underwater. The surface caller is used when the water returns to the water and away from the ship. Because the sound is very sharp, the crew can notice the position of the diver.

Underwater recording board

Used to fully communicate with diving partners underwater, and record diving information briefly.

Inflatable elephant pull

Inflatable elephant pull is an inflated air bag of orange-red PVC material about one meter long. When encountering strong currents or big waves, blowing air and standing on the water surface can make it easy for the crew to detect. It is an important piece of equipment for help and should be carried with you when diving.