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colorful ski snow goggles introduction

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Skiing is a very challenging outdoor sport. Too much brightness in the ski field will cause snow blindness, and silicon ski goggles can protect the eyes when skiing. The specific functions of ski goggles can be divided into the following five types:

1. The brightness of the snow in the ski resort is too strong to prevent ultraviolet rays from hurting the eyes. You must wear ski goggles, which can not only filter the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, but also maintain the brightness and open vision.

2. The outdoor temperature is too low and cold wind will appear. Wearing ski eyes can effectively prevent the cold wind from damaging the eyes.

3. The ski goggles are designed with air circulation and anti-fog materials to ensure that the mirror does not fog during skiing.

4. Polycarbonate is used as the material for ski goggles, which will not deform even under strong external forces.

5. Even if the ski goggles are broken in the event of an accidental fall, the special material will not cause damage to the face.

Experience of ski goggles selection

Experience 1: Choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. The appearance of this ski goggles is similar to diving goggles, which can be close to the face, prevent wind from entering, and effectively protect the eyes and skin around the eyes from the cold wind. Experience 2: Choose a lens with an anti-ultraviolet index above UV400 to protect your eyes and resist UV rays.

Experience 3: It is better to choose lenses with anti-fog coating.

Experience 4: Choose flexible lenses and frames so that the face will not be damaged when hit.

Experience 5: The upper eaves of the outer frame must have vents made of ventilated sponge, so that the hot air discharged from the facial skin can escape the mirror.

Experience 6: Skiers who wear glasses should choose ski goggles (OTG) that can be equipped with myopia lenses when choosing ski goggles.

Experience 7: Choose the method of equipped with myopia frame inside the snow goggles with large frame, it is easy to damage the glasses when falling, and the myopia frame is easy to scratch the snow lens, especially the coating layer.

Experience 8: According to the weather conditions of the snow field, namely the brightness, choose snow glasses with different lens colors to wear. Generally, yellow, orange, and red lenses will have a significant brightening effect. Of course, if the weather is bright, the snow goggles wearing this color lens are prone to eye fatigue. The lenses of snow mirrors are divided into two categories: cylindrical mirrors and spherical mirrors. Cylindrical mirrors are more common in the past, while spherical mirrors are newer styles in the past two years. Spherical mirrors are superior to cylindrical mirrors in several aspects. .