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About the degree of diving goggles

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About the degree of diving goggles

Why do we need to wear diving goggles to see clearly underwater? Because our eyes need some space to see what is in focus. The function of the snorkeling mask and diving goggles is basically the same, except for the cottage version of the snorkeling mask outside.

Does the degree of myopia of diving goggles have anything to do with it? Because of the refraction of light, things under water look closer and larger than things on the water surface. So an ordinary mirror in the water will add 100 degrees to you at your own angle. For example, an ordinary child has an ordinary mirror on his body. If the degree is relatively high, such as 300-400 degrees, or even thousands of degrees, hey, you can ask to go to the resort or hotel in advance without a prescription for renting a mirror. But I personally think that, generally speaking, seaside resorts will not prepare many mirror-related places. There may be several pairs per degree, and it is estimated that they will not be rented when the season comes.

Wear contact lenses, preferably the ones you throw away every day. This is more convenient. Many people consider that contact lenses will fall off during diving, which rarely happens. Unless you are not wearing a mask. Then the water sucked in suddenly fills up. But most of the water enters from your nose first. At this time, if you are snorkeling, you can raise your head, then the invisible will not fall off, and you can wear it with confidence. Even if you encounter an off-line situation, because it is a one-time use once a day, it will not cause you great harm.

Some people say that they are used to contact lenses, but when you see the beautiful underwater world, it doesn't matter what unpleasant things are. Friends who learn to dive are different, when you practice drainage skills at the bottom of the mirror. It depends on whether your coach can arrange to give you a suitable degree mirror. If not, your coach knows that you wear contact lenses and they will teach you how to use them. The idea of wearing glasses inside the mask is feasible. Wearing contact lenses is one of the easiest ways.

It is best not to wear sunscreen when diving. It should even be wiped dry at least half an hour before rubbing. Let the sunscreen be completely absorbed by the skin. Otherwise, the sunscreen will slip off and suck your face if you can't cover it. Second, sunscreen contains heavy metals, which can cause damage to your eyes after encountering water-based ones.

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